Land transfers

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Aug. 21 to Aug. 27. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Loshs Office.

Last year Last week This week

Deeds 85 70 87

Mortgages 56 65 64

Mortgage cancellations 56 109 85

Financing statements 1 1 1

Real estate transfers this week include the following:


Sandra L. Blandzinski to Nicholas L. Daley and Domnic J. Lombardo, 828 Richie Ave., Lima, $42,000.

Michael O. and Sandra Bullock to Barbara Lewis, 1009 Simons Ave., Lima, $16,000.

Stevie D. Chiles to Sean R. Calvert, 709 S. Cable Road, Lima, $13,000.

Elaine M. and Jason S. Dancs et al and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Bank of New York Mellon, 705 Westbrook Dr., Lima, $55,300.

Ella Kemi Enterprises LLC to Grand Curtis LLC, 228 Calumet Ave., 311 Calumet Ave., 476 N. Elizabeth St., 1012 W. Wayne St., and 1015 W. Wayne St., Lima, $51,000.

James E. Hardin et al and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Bank of New York Mellon, 936 N. Main St., Lima, $18,000.

Thomas and Sue Honegger successor trustees and Shafer Living Trust to Alma J. Gouin and Sarah Marcella McCleary, 1821 Rice Ave., Lima, $67,500.

Bonnie L. Huber to Craig Rice and Helen C. Hickman, 7B Mews Road, Lima, $200,000.

Mark Duane Hughes et al and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Kent D. and Jola D. Vandemark, 825 Brendonwood Dr., Lima, $38,000.

Jomar Enterprises Inc. to George Jr. and Rhonda Heise, 1307-1309 Rice Ave., Lima, $17,500.

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to Stahl Properties LLC, 427 N. Washington St., Lima, $11,500.

Timothy A. Kime to Jason Shaw, 500 W. Wayne St., Lima, $18,400.

Nina R. and Frank Lawrence and Anthony Pettigrew to Paul E. Curtis, South Main Street, 1514 S. Main St. and 1516 S. Main St., $35,600.

Lima Ohio Congregation of New Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church to Charlie M. Manley and Patricia A. Carter, 1825 S. Main St., Lima, $75,000.

Richard Earl and Bettina Ann Marlatt to Robin Chamberlain, 667 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $62,000.

Ronald R. Miller successor trustee and Linda L. Miller Trust to Ronald E. and Deborah S. Fischer, 1540 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $122,000.

New Lima-Housing for the Future to Glenda B. Barber, 1155 Reese Ave., Lima, $60,000.

Troy Parker et al and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Bank of America National Association, 510 Fairview Ave., Lima, $6,000.

Steven A. Romey and William Paul De Stephens to Big Dream 108 LLC, 232 N. Main St., Lima, $8,500.

Mark and Christine Seffernick and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Chase Home Finance LLC, 850 Richie Ave., Lima, $13,500.

Melanie M. Short et al and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Federal National Mortgage Association, 2632 Penny Lee Dr., Lima, $140,000.

Kary L. Smith et al and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Federal National Mortgage Association, 809 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $20,000.

Angela M. Stemen et al and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Bank of New York Mellon, 820 Burch Ave., Lima, $32,300.

Mark L. and Deborah L. Tisch to Debra A. Parent, 1735 W. High St., Lima, $76,000.

Sharon L. Whetstone, Robyn R. Kundert, Rhonda R. Breuker, Kyle D. Whetstone, Ron Whetstone to Mark Eric Lugibihl Jr. and Derrick Aarron Daneil, 1045 Loretta Place, Lima, $168,000.


Rhett Bowers et al to Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Bank of America National Association, 4780 Allentown Road, Lima, $27,000.

Timothy W. and Sandra K. Connell to Jefferson Development LLC, 3900 Chestnut Oak Trail, Lima, $245,000.

Bridget E. Cribben to Duane Reynolds, 2800 Lowell Ave., Lima, $135,000.

Laura A. and David M. Howell Jr. to Anthony D. Musto, 410 Smith Ave., Lima, $67,000.

Tod A. Kitchen to Linda K. Garrett, 1582 Plainfield Dr., Lima, $67,400.

Vision 3 Investments LLC to Anthony J. Devita, 2125-2127 Brookhaven Dr., Lima, $106,500.


Jean A. Miller to State of Ohio Department of Transportation, culvert at 11770 Hardin Highway, Harrod, $300.


Karen Kay Dauer trustee of Ekstrom Trust to Ricardo Rodriguez, 3873 Yale Ave., Lima, $95,000.

David J. Maurer to Brandon C. Knotts, 1663 Lee Ann Dr., Lima, $103,000.

Susan K. Rister to Paul R. Sexton, 123 Pine Haven Dr., Lima, $117,000.

James R. and Sharon A. Vandemark to Cory Miles, 3251 Danny Dr., Lima, $139,000.


Timothy A. and Wendie L. Thompson to Cory J. Craft, 503 S. Lima St., Beaverdam, $173,500.


Steven P. and Jana K. Amstutz to Benjamin L. and Sarah E. Thiel, 155 S. Mound St., Bluffton, $110,000.

Dustin R. and Amy L. Montgomery to Mitchell P. and Allison Ann Agner, 233 N. Jackson St., Bluffton, $150,000.


Michael Alan Wagner et al and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 447 S. Main St., Delphos, $30,000.


Marian K. March and Matthew James Ehresman co-executors of Joseph M. Ehresman estate to Brady M. Overholt, 103 W. Main St., Elida, $18,500.


Jennifer Palmer to Thomas W. Motter, 310 S. Washington St., Lafayette, $91,000.


Richard A. and Etheline McGuire to Melvin J. and Julie M. Eby, 3430 Shenk Road, Lima, $214,000.


Rick Allen Kennedy et al and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Self Help Ventures Fund, 11033 Ottawa Road, Columbus Grove, $60,000.


Mamie M. Lusk to Jesse R. Herr, 2244 E. 4th St., Lima, $63,700.


Anthony Jr. and Samantha L. Azzarello to Jason M. Stump and Jennifer N. Taviano, 4101 Spencerville Road, Lima, $132,000.

David M. and Kimberly D. Gallegos to Shannon D. and Heather N. Wilson, 3958 Spencerville Road, Lima, $152,600.

Andrew J. and Laura E. Groman to David J. and Lorraine Y. Bruns, 4950 New Haven Dr., Lima, $136,500.

Pamela I. and Ronald R. Magee to Jewel R. and Anthony L. Best, 3025 Lakeshore Dr., Lima, $480,000.


EH Pooled Investments LP and Visio Limited to Jay Lobach, 309 N. Broadway St., Spencerville, $9,600.